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The Cost of Renovating Your Home

We all may want to renovate our houses to incorporate the latest designs and trends, but only a few of us are able to do that in reality. The majority of us are unable to though because of the cost.

Most people can’t afford to take on the task of a home renovation and/or remodeling until it becomes an absolute necessity, such as a basement being damaged by water, or leaky pipes or roofs. Even when the renovations become necessary, many people have to take loans to get them done, which then can become an additional financial burden on the household.

How Much Will A Renovation Cost You In Calgary?

While you may find different prices offered by different contractors and some offering very low charges, you need to make sure that the contractor is reliable, professional and experienced in the work that you would like completed on your home. For this, never make price the deciding factor for selecting a contractor or supplier. Focus on quality of the work instead.

Here, we are giving you an idea of the average costs for different home renovation projects in the Calgary area:

⦁    Kitchen

For a complete kitchen renovation, you should be able to spend around $25,000. This includes both the labour and supplies charges. This may sound too much to some people but remember; the value that a complete kitchen renovation will add to your house is always worth it.  Experts say that kitchen and bathroom renovations are at the top of the list of those renovations that greatly increase the value of a house.

⦁    Bathroom

For a 5×8 feet bathroom, including the bathtub, sink and toilet, the renovation may cost somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000 depending upon the quality of fixtures and tiles you choose to have in your bathroom. 

⦁    Basement

Widely popular all over Calgary, basement development or renovation costs start from $45/square feet in low end basements and $75/square feet in high-end basements. This is an average estimate; the cost may increase depending upon the basement type and the customer’s requirements. 

⦁    Skilled Trade

Electricians and plumbers are two skilled workers that we often require. An electrician in Calgary typically charges around $95 per hour, while a plumber charges somewhere around $75 per hour. 

Need To Get Renovation Done at an Affordable Price?

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional renovation contractor is that it actually saves you money. Since professional service providers regularly work in the field, they have a lot of contacts; suppliers, manufacturers, and skilled workers. Due to this, they can provide services at a much lower cost than you would be spending in DIY projects.

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