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Build a Laneway Home in Calgary

Even though you have the perfect home, your life, and your lifestyle changes. Your family can grow; your interests might change. It’s a time like this when investing in a laneway home can prove highly beneficial. With a new laneway home, you don’t have to move to a bigger house, find another income stream or move from the property where you’ve made so many memories. A simple addition to your property can completely change your lifestyle for the better. 


Laneway homes in Calgary combine the convenience of inner-city living with the community feel of the suburbs. Laneway housing is most often built in the backyards of existing homes allowing for various combinations of resident arrangements. These small cabin-like houses are great for adult children wanting some extra independence, families looking to make some extra money through a rental property, young professionals needing space to run a small business, or multi-generations who want to live in close quarters. But to have a laneway home that encompasses quality and style, you can’t beat Calgary Home Renovations. 


Our team has all the experience, passion and drive to help you get the laneway home you want for your property. With our expertise in the kitchen, basement developments and bathrooms, there is no limit to our creativity and our skills as contractors. Our designers can help you come up with a concrete plan for your laneway home, consisting of all the perks you want. Our project managers will handle and manage your projects with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that it is built in your image. Our builders will execute the plans to the finest point, so you’re left happy with the end result! It doesn’t matter what you want in terms of your laneway home - our team can handle it for you. We can create a new addition to your home that caters to your new needs, and most importantly, keep the memories in your home flowing! 


At Calgary Home Renovations, we can build modest, comfortable, and affordable laneway homes. Talk to us today about how to make the most of your space. 

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Why Invest In A Calgary Laneway Home 

For a lot of homeowners, there is always the desire to extend their homes by adding another room or storey. But those homeowners fail to see the benefits that come with investing in a laneway home. Although separate from your property, it is still part of your home; an additional room that can open up more space, allow more comfortability for people and is a worthwhile investment that can pay off in the future.

Still, these homeowners might find the idea of investing in a laneway home intimidating and unwise. There is a lot to consider: the size, the style, the functionality behind it. It can be overwhelming for a lot of homeowners. It’s why, therefore, it’s crucial to collaborate with passionate and dedicated contractors, like the team here at Calgary Home Renovations. Designing and building a laneway home in Calgary is easy for our experienced team. 

By adding another home to your property, you can provide more space for your growing family. You can also invite guests, family members and friends to stay the night, knowing that they’ll be comfortable and satisfied with the space. More significantly, you know that you generate revenue from the laneway home. You can rent it out as an extra room, or home, or you can put it up on Airbnb. Either way, it’s a masterful way of producing income - especially if the property is made with the best products and craftsmanship. This is where Calgary Home Renovations comes in. 

We know that when you invest in your home, you want the best. With us, that’s what you’ll get. We pride ourselves on elevating the standards of living and home quality through our projects. We know what defines quality, what works together, and how we can bring it all as one. It’s why people have always trusted us for projects. They know they’re getting contractors, designers and project managers that strive for nothing short of excellence. 

We know the latest trends, we know what’s happening in the market. It’s from this viewpoint that we are able to build laneway homes that are of the highest quality, recognized throughout the industry for being the best. From designing the new home to the installation of the interior products, our experts will deliver nothing but the best in customer service and craftsmanship.

Add quality, excellence and beauty to your home with your own laneway home. Our passionate contractors are here to make the process easy, stress-free, and exciting!

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Comfortable and Affordable Laneway Housing in Calgary

Increase the value of your property by making the most of the space you have. As a trustworthy company, we can help you achieve your desired lifestyle through laneway homes in Calgary. These dwellings are ideal for inner-city properties or older homes with spacious backyards. Laneway housing is the future of home extensions. 

At Calgary Home Renovations, we always start with a thorough consultation that helps us visualize your needs and expectations. Our passionate professionals can then turn that vision into reality while working within your budget. Between our design team, our project managers and our experienced tradesmen, the experts at Calgary Home Renovations can create amazing laneways homes that will add a level of comfort, style and exuberance to your property. 

Together, we will work to create a design that meets your stylish needs and everyday living functionalities. Once the design has been created - based upon your requests - and approved, we can begin the construction phase. With our eye for details, special attention to each part of the project, your laneway addition will feel and look part of your home - as if it was there the whole time! 

It’s all part of our detailed process of adding a high-quality laneway home to your property. We aim to ensure that your experience with us is stressful, comfortable, and straightforward. We will go out of our way to make sure you get the designs you want for your property. It’s the perfect formula for our clients. 

Calgary Home Renovations wants to make a difference in the lives of our clients - and we can do that by providing valuable laneways homes. We approach all our projects with an eye for style and quality. With our decades of experience, high-quality materials and world-recognized craftsmanship, as well as a passion for performance, you know that you’re getting the best team in the city. Take a look at our stunning, marvellous work from the last few years, and you’ll know, you made the right choice with us. 

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