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Step By Step Guide To Finishing A Basement Under $10,000

When it comes to basement developments in Calgary, the costs can spiral out of control. According to Home Advisor, “finishing a basement costs $2,800 to $33,985, or $18,395 on average”.

For some, spending under $20,000 on a new basement can be expensive. It’s why many homeowners look to reduce their expenditure, with the most common number being $10,000.

Therefore, in a way to aid homeowners throughout Calgary, this step by step guide can help you finish a basement under $10,000. 

Step by Step Guide To A $10,000 Calgary Basement Development 

1 – Decide on Your Basement Development Needs 

What you want for your basement will ultimately impact how you design it and affects your budget. If you are looking to add a “second” house downstairs, then expect to pay for it, as you have to include plumbing and more walls. However, just having an open space for entertainment can be cheaper in the long run. 

2- Crunch the Numbers

You already $10,000 is the limit, but where do you want that money to be spent? Allocating the funds required for your basement development in Calgary is necessary to stay within your budget. Therefore, see where you want your money to go and how much you want to spend on particular components. This works alongside step 3…

Finished Basement

3 – Consider Your Basement’s Current Condition

Look at your current basement and see where improvements can be made, and where you don’t need to make unnecessary changes. For example, if you enjoy the paint, then why coat over it with a new one? See what you should and shouldn’t invest in. 

4 – Picking Your Materials

The materials you choose will have a direct impact on the final cost of your development. Choosing hardwood instead of laminate floors, or drywall instead of plaster means you’ll have to pay more for it. Consider the following factors when deciding which materials you want for them: 

  • Wall material
  • Ceiling style 
  • Flooring type
  • Utility locations
  • Paint colors

5 – Speak to a Calgary Renovation Company

No one knows more about basement developments in Calgary than renovation companies. Speaking to several companies can give you an insight into how you can proceed with your project. You should also consider hiring them if you feel they can complete the job under $10,000. Too often, DIY projects go south and end up costing more than expected. Hiring a professional Calgary home renovations company can result in you saving more money than expected.

Following these steps provide you with guidance on how to complete your basement development under $10,000. If you are struggling with it, it is best to speak to an experienced renovator for more information about your development. 

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