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Make Your Bathroom an Oasis With These Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Ready to transform your boring bathroom into a luxurious space? Renovations can help you achieve your goals and give your bathroom a whole new look and feel. Check out these exciting ideas for bathroom renovations, and turn your bathroom into an oasis!

4 BathroomRenovations Ideas To Create Your Oasis

Install a Floating Vanity 

Floating vanities are typically clean, angular, and exude a modern sensibility. They are a great choice for creating a more open, spacious feel for your bathroom renovations. Once you have a floating vanity, resist the urge to stuff baskets full of things underneath because it defeats the purpose.

Include Matte Black 

Black is classic, and it’s showing up in bathrooms as matte black fixtures or shower walls. It’s a striking and popular choice for home renovations in Calgary, but one that’s likely to have staying power with your bathroom. Black helps anchor the rest of the design and creates a look that’s both modern and vintage.

Work with Wood 

Bathrooms tend to rely heavily on tile, stone, porcelain, and metal. This makes sense because these materials can handle the high moisture levels in the room. Unfortunately, they can make a bathroom look hard and cold. Inject a little organic warmth back into the space with wood or materials that mimics the look of wood for your bathroom and home renovations in Calgary. Wood tones beautifully complement the cool undertones typical in bathrooms.


Bathrooms tend to be strictly functional. Add a little warmth and life by including accessories. Artwork and long drapes are two popular options that create a focal point and add a touch of luxury to the space.

Make the most of home renovations in Calgary by creating a space that’s ideal for you. Try these renovation ideas to transform your bathroom into a welcoming oasis.

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