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How to Plan a House Renovation

Home renovations in Calgary are a great way to revitalize your home, increase its value and express yourself creatively. They can transform a basement into a rec room or bring your dream kitchen to life. The possibilities are endless, which can make the planning process a little more challenging.

Still, with the right system, enough time and a supportive renovation company, anything is possible. Below, we go through the five steps to planning a house renovation, which includes selecting your contractor, deciding on the scope of your project and more! Let’s get started.

Five Steps to Planning Your Calgary Home Renovations

1. Deciding on the Scope of Your Project

The first step in your planning process is deciding what will be included in your Calgary home renovations. Will you be completing a home addition, developing your basement, remodelling your kitchen or some combination of activities? This is an important step as it will help you prevent overreaching with your plans and help you narrow down the most important areas of your home.

2. Making a Rough Outline of Activities

Once you have decided what the focus of your home renovations in Calgary will be, the next step is making a rough outline of what you want to adjust. This could mean replacing the countertops and cabinets of your kitchen, for example. Or, it could mean redoing your staircase and replacing your flooring in the front foyer. The important thing is to establish a rough plan to present to your renovation contractor.

3. Choosing & Consulting with Your Renovation Contractor

Now it is time for you to compare your idealized plans with the reality of home renovations in Calgary. Find yourself a qualified renovation contractor and make sure that you are comfortable working with them. Ask them for a quote and explain what you are hoping to achieve, and be sure to pay attention to any suggestions or problems they bring up. This will help you rein in your more elaborate plans and give your chosen contractor a firm base to start their planning. 

4. Picking Out Materials and Fixtures

Once you’ve finalized your renovation plans and have a firm idea of when the project will start, it’s time to start selecting the materials and replacement parts! This can include things like faucets, countertop materials and more. Be sure to work closely with your renovation contractor to ensure that they can work with the materials you choose.

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5. Adjusting Plans As Needed

Finally, once the project is underway, you will need to remain fluid and ready to accept these changes. Being flexible really helps the flow of a project and can be an integral part of completing renovations on time. 

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