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How to Design Your Custom Home

Designing your own custom home sounds like an excellent idea, no? In the best world, it means that you get everything you want from your home without any of the questionable design decisions people make for standard homes or homes part of a development. However, there may be more to this idyllic picture than people let on. 

First things first, though. General contractors in Calgary are always the place to begin if you are planning to design or build a custom home. Yes, this advice may seem contrary to what you expect, but there is a good reason. Essentially, you will need to buy the land for your custom home first, and having a general contractor’s team at your side will make the process about 1000 times easier, approximately. 

However, once you have found the general contractor in Calgary that you wish to work with, the rest of the process is entirely within your purview. For some of the best ideas and plans, continue reading down below.

Important Tips for Working with Your Calgary General Contractor

The Land

For your property, the most important considerations are likely out of your hands. Instead, this is the perfect opportunity to lean on your general contractor. They have the team and experience you need to find the best lot, and it will actually prevent you from possibly choosing a substandard plot. 

However, if you believe your involvement is necessary, there are a few areas to direct your focus. First, the design of the home should reflect the topography of the land. So, if there are hills or waterways, contemplate the best ways to include them in your design. Similarly, consider the exterior of your home and make decisions early on about the appearance to better prepare yourself for the necessary expenditures.

The Home

For the inside of your home, choose from a list of rooms you think are necessary. For example, not everyone needs a mudroom or front foyer. Then, consider how you want the rooms to work together. Would you prefer the bedrooms separate from the entertaining area, or an open concept kitchen/ dining room combo? 

Modern Scandinavian kitchen and dining room

If you feel overwhelmed by the variety, don’t stress. Take the time to look at floor plans online, and prioritize at every opportunity. One of the best ways to prioritize is to rank the importance of each room for you and focus your time on the most critical areas first. Afterwards, when budget or time constraints come into play, you will be able to pick and choose the absolute necessities easily.

The Details

Finally, the details of the custom home. First, we cannot overstress the essential nature of your general contractor. When you work closely with them, you can prevent hidden problems with the lot, suppliers, and more. Secondly, try to design for your lifestyle. Obviously, building a custom home should be a reflection of your personality, so ensure the features you want are part of the plan early on in the build.

Also, consider the size of your home. Do you need multiple floors or a basement? Does your land restrict the total area? These considerations will help limit your choices and make them more manageable. As a final note, don’t worry about the minor details unless you are passionate about them. For instance, the trim of your home may not be worth the headache as much as say, the sinks in the master bedroom. 

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