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Home Renovations Ideas For 2020

For most people, a home is their biggest investment. It would be silly to let this investment go to waste. Instead of letting your home’s value flounder, consider giving it the time and work it needs with home renovation projects. Home renovation projects not only add value to your home, but they also make your home more livable. If you are thinking about home renovations in Calgary this year, here are the top trends to consider.

Choose Upgrades For Wellness In 2020

In the past, most home renovations in Calgary were about aesthetics. In other words, people wanted their homes to look better. In 2020, more people are starting to think about how they feel inside their home. This is not just about the flow of space. Instead, in 2020, more people are choosing improvements that actually promote healthier living. For example, people are investing in nontoxic materials and surfaces. Water purification systems and air purifiers are also very popular. You can even update your lighting to better match up with your circadian rhythm in order to improve natural sleep cycles.

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Consider Small Home Renovation Projects This Year

If the scale of most home renovations in Calgary makes you nervous, then you are not alone. That is why 2020 is seeing a lot of smaller renovation projects from homeowners. This means that instead of installing a whole new kitchen, some homeowners are simply focusing on smaller elements like a new sink or new countertops. Instead of redoing a whole bathroom, consider just updating the tub. Other smaller fixes could include new light fixtures throughout the home, updated floors or new baseboards. These small upgrades are more affordable and accessible. Plus, they can still have a really big impact on the look of your home.

Home Renovation Projects In 2020 Will Be About Efficiency

More people are aware of the dangers facing the environment. Therefore, many home renovations in 2020 are focused on improved efficiency. Efficiency can reduce the amount of energy a home uses. This controls the toll on the environment. It can also lower your monthly energy bills. In this way, these renovations can eventually pay for themselves. You may spend some money updating your windows or installing a new HVAC system, but if these improvements lower your bills, then you will recuperate the cost over time. This is why efficiency is catching on this year.

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