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Handy Tips for Remodeling Basements

It never hurts to have an extra room in the house. Besides, why let the webs and spiders make a home in your basement when it is the perfect space for you to have your own entertainment room? However, most people fail to understand that renovating their basement and making use of all the extra space doesn’t necessarily mean transferring a bunch of furniture and equipment in the room and calling it an addition.

The 8 Handy Tips for Remodeling Your Basement

The first step is to contact professional contractors like Calgary Home Renovations by Aspire for preparing the room for living and making it weather friendly. Here are a few handy tips to ensure a perfectly remodeled basement:

  • No room could make a better entertainment corner in the house than our basements. The large spacious space is just the thing you need to place your big screen, pool tables, foosball board or any game you like in. So, when you are considering to make a recreational room in the house, always go for the basement.
  • Avoid dark tones and murky colors when decorating your basements. Basements are already several inches beneath your house which makes it prone to darkness. Adding dark colors and paint will only make the room more dim and non-functional.
  • Be intentional about your basements ceiling. Unfinished ceilings with the beams can have an industrial look and be very appealing. But, if you want your basement to be more than just a recreational room and a finished living room, then get the ceiling done. Just remember that you have an option.
  • Before starting, make sure to seal all the open joints, small and large gaps and rim joists to keep the house heat from leaking.
  • You don’t want your completely renovated basement to be separated from the rest of the house. To make the basement more welcoming, create an open stairwell.
  • Basements are usually cold and uninviting. To give it more cozy and warm look, invest in carpets.
  • If your house has a theme, make sure it flows to the basement. Designing a completely unrelated and unconnected basement should be avoided.
  • Do not rule out the installation of windows and doors while renovating your basements. It is essential that basements have a source of natural light and what could be better than windows. The window is also necessary for safety reasons as basements have only one door and it need an emergency escape.
  • Unless your basement is gigantic, make sure that it has an open floor plan. Take out a wall or two if you have to in order to make the basements more spacious and roomy.

Client Signature:  Remodeling basements in the Calgary area is tricky since it has to be equipped for the onslaught of extreme weathers. If you are considering getting yours done, contact the experts at Calgary Home Renovations by Aspire. | 403-796-4044

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