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Cost to Add a Second Story

Of all the possible ways to renovate for a new secondary suite in Calgary, adding up may be the most costly. Removing and replacing the roof, relocating utility lines and getting the necessary permits will all take longer and be more involved than adding to the ground floor or even finishing a basement. 

Still, many people defend the idea of a Calgary secondary suite as a second-story addition. It adds class, presents opportunities for something new and can really liven up an older home. Unfortunately, enthusiasm can do little to alter the cost.

Instead, it is best to do ample research and understand what you are getting yourself into with a second story addition. Let’s look at some of the cost factors so you can have a better idea of what’s involved. 

The Variables of Secondary Suites in Calgary as New Second Stories

Partial or Full Addition

You don’t have to add a complete second story to your home. You can choose to do a partial addition which adds a smaller amount of space. This can help save you money and make the project go smoother.

Company Performing the Work

The company performing the work will play a role in the cost as well. If you choose a large company, the project will likely go quicker, but you will probably pay a premium as well. On the other side, longer project times and lower costs may be the result. Choosing the right company for your secondary suite in Calgary 

Composite of a modern house during and after construction.

The Status of the Existing Structure

The status of your home can change your costs. For example, if your foundation is not strong enough to support the extra weight, additional supports and shoring will be necessary to make the addition safe. Similarly, if additional framing and joinery are required to accommodate the new floor based on the original home’s construction, this may also add to the final price.

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