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7 Home Additions That Will Increase Your House Value

There is always a motive to keep our homes attractive and highly functional. Maybe we like to live in a beautiful home, or we want to make sure that we get a good price for it. Whatever our reasons are, we can only add to our homes appeal by making some smart additions from time to time.If you are planning to give a good shake up to your house, make sure these home additions are on the list:

1. Large storage space:

A home holds no appeal if it doesn’t have well-designed storage spaces. Whether it is a kitchen renovation you are aiming for or thinking of remodeling your bathroom, always make sure that there is enough space available to hold belongings. But again; a storage space should be built in such a way that it also adds to the aesthetic value to the home.

2. Give a better finish to the ceiling:

A large majority of homeowners pay little attention to the ceilings; which is a huge mistake. A normal ceiling is just something to keep you away from the open sky. However, being boring is not our mission. A well decorated, embellished and patterned ceiling is the one that gives an imaginative look to the home. It really is a great home addition.

3. Heating system:

A proper heating system is a huge factor for increasing the appeal of your home. Insulating the house or building an energy efficient home works wonders to make the house warm and comfortable in the extreme Calgary weather changes.

4. Remodeled kitchen:

Kitchens with outdated hardware, uneven themes and mismatched colors hardly appeal to anyone. Since the kitchen is also one of the most used parts of the house, you’ll need to do kitchen renovations and maintenance more frequently than other rooms in the home. Installing a sunroof in the kitchen, changing the floors, fixing new cabinets or changing the color palette will all work well to give your kitchen an enhanced and improved look.

5. Bathroom renovation/addition:

Doing bathroom renovations or building an entirely new one is enough to impress even the least impressionable people. A nice themed, well organized and bright bathroom goes a long way in adding to its appeal. If there are spare rooms around the house, then consider a bathroom addition to one of them.

6. Basement additions:

If you visit a house with a home theater in the basement or a fully equipped gym, are you not always wowed? Having a basement addition in your own home will make a large difference in the value of your home.

7. Better lighting:

No matter how well furnished your home is, if it dark and dim, it will fail to impress. Installing windows and skylights are better than getting light fixtures as they are more appealing to look at and a natural source of light.

If any of the above home additions have caught your eye, contact Calgary Home Renovations By Aspire, whose hands-on experience will help you get the home you have always dreamed of having. Get started today!
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