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Why Get a Modular Second Story Addition

While the media frenzy around secondary suites in Calgary has certainly settled down, the desire for passive income by homeowners around the city has not. With rising property prices across the country, many people are looking at ways to reap the benefits of a booming house market. One of the best ways is through a rental space within your own home.

Still, modular second stories are not necessarily the best way to build a secondary suite in Calgary. After all, they require diligent planning and the help of a qualified contractor. But for single-storey homes and those looking to expand their available space, they are more than acceptable. Let’s look at some of the benefits of these modular second story additions.

The Benefits of Modular Second Story Additions

Quick to Build

Easily the biggest advantage of modular second story additions is the speed of installation and building. Because the structure comes pre-assembled, it is much easier to complete the project than if everything was being built from scratch. This makes the speed of the addition very fast.

Construction of new and modern modular house. Walls made from composite wooden sip panels with styrofoam insulation inside. Building new frame of energy efficient home concept.

Adds Lots of Space

Modular additions can add a lot of space to your home. Whether you are looking for a bigger living space or a way to segregate your secondary suite in Calgary, the added space makes it easy to plan a comfortable, affordable space.

Can Be Built to Suit 

While modular additions certainly indicate that they are purpose-built, a certain amount of customization is still possible. For instance, separating the interior space can offer a cozy bathroom space. This would require work to establish an appropriate plumbing channel, however.

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