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Why Are Kitchen Remodels So Expensive?

When it comes to answering the age-old question, “why are kitchen renovations in Calgary so expensive” there are many different assumptions. Some of them focus on the cost of the material, while others are more interested in the skilled labour required for this kind of job. The reality lies somewhere in-between!

3 Reasons for the Price of Kitchen Renovations in Calgary


Every part of a kitchen has to come from somewhere. From the simple laminate countertop to the MDF cabinets and the quartz to the appliances, everything has an origin. The miners, refiners, producers, transporters and retailers must be compensated for their work, and these professionals exist in a production chain that starts long before the item ends up as part of a kitchen renovation in Calgary.

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In a similar vein to the materials, the labour required of a kitchen renovation in Calgary is much more than simply installing a new sink or laying tile. Indeed, most tradespeople are journeymen or better, studying their craft for years to offer exceptional services that separate them from the competition. Plus, there are the general labourers who ensure that the specialists have the resources they need to complete their best work consistently. 


A third realm of cost is the difficulty associated with Calgary home renovations. Unlike new construction projects, or even those within the private sector, remodels are delicate, fast and difficult projects. The tradespeople must work to protect what already exists and won’t change while attempting repairs and replacements around these objects. Plus, the work has to be done quickly so that clients can return to their homes and standard of living.

How to Get the Best Kitchen Renovation Prices

Now that you know some of the reasons behind the cost of remodels, you may be wondering how to get a better deal. The best way is to contact Aspire by Calgary Home Renovations and ask for a quote for your next project. 

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