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Why Are Home Additions So Expensive?

“Is it worth adding onto?” It’s a question many homeowners had to ask themselves when contemplating whether to bite the bullet and get home additions. Though, a homeowner’s hesitation isn’t unwarranted. 

Getting home additions in Calgary can get rather expensive. 

In which case, what is it about getting home additions that make them so expensive? Read on to find out!

Cost Factors of Home Additions

There is no set price for home additions since not all projects are different. 

For example, the cost of adding a sunroom compared to a bathroom won’t be the same because both require other means of getting the job done. You can expect most contractors to base the price of home additions on per square foot. 

For the most part, the factors that influence the overall cost of any home addition project are: 

  • Type of project (i.e. adding a kitchen or extra room)
  • Size of the addition
  • Where you live (some contractors will varying rates)
  • Possible cost of a permit
  • Type of materials (i.e. their quality)
  • Working with a home system (i.e. electrical or plumbing)
  • If building-up or building-out
  • Labour costs

Depending on your contractor, they may have varying prices on certain home additions projects. So getting a quote for a more accurate idea of the overall cost is important, and comparing it with other contractors’ pricing would be in your best interest. 

The Average Cost of Home Additions

Naturally, before you start budgeting for your home addition, it’s good to know what might be a ballpark estimate for home additions in general. The lowest you can pay for a home addition is at least a minimum of $7,000. Meanwhile, the highest amount you can pay can accumulate as high as $155,000. But, the average cost can typically range from $22,500 to $74,000. 

Since home additions prices are based on per square foot, the average cost per square foot can be $86 to $208. If you’re building one simple addition like a room, the average price for it would be $48,00

Cost-Effective Home Addition Projects

People generally opt for home additions for one of two reasons. One, it’s for their aesthetic appeal or functionality by making their home more suited for them and their lifestyle. On the other hand, home additions are a great way to add value to your home if you plan to sell it. 

In which case, what kind of home addition projects would be worth your while and remain cost-effective? See down below for a few project ideas:

  • Expanding or building new closet space
  • A deck
  • Second bathroom
  • A carport
  • Change to existing home layout
  • A dormer

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