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When Choosing New Floors: The Questions To Ask A Calgary Renovation

The options for new flooring are seemingly endless. You might be so overwhelmed with choices that it can be a real struggle to find one that is going to fit into your home’s decor, style and budget. 

But there is nothing to panic about. When it comes to choosing new floors, asking a Calgary renovation company some key questions can make your search much easier. These questions below will help narrow down your choices and find the right flooring for your home.

4 Questions To Ask Your Renovation Company in Calgary 

How does the Flooring work with my Home’s Decor? 

Colour is a major factor when choosing new flooring in Calgary. For rooms that you are likely to redecorate, neutral tones are generally best because they are easy to work with and accommodate colourful décor. It is a good idea to see which flooring options will work best with the decor of your home. 

Can New and Existing Flooring Coordinate?

If you aren’t planning to replace all the flooring in your home, consider how the new and existing flooring will work together. Even if you are planning to replace all the flooring, you’ll want to think about how the new floors will work with your overall interior style.

What Level of Care is Required for this particular Flooring?

How much time and effort will you spend on floor maintenance? Some flooring, such as hardwood and carpet, are easier to care for than others, so take that into account when considering options. Ask the renovation company in Calgary what they expect you to do in order to maintain the quality of your floors. 

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How Does it Affect My Budget? 

You’re going to have a budget when it comes to choosing new floors, so make sure that the installation cost, as well as the cost of the flooring, is within your budget. Make sure that you have enough money for any other home renovations you need to be done. Speak to the company about the cost of their services. 

Prepared with these questions, you can visit a Calgary renovation company and begin your search for new flooring.

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