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The Cost Of Home Renovations In Calgary

Home renovations in Calgary are an interesting process that is sometimes painstaking. However, it is always worth it in the end as homeowners unanimously agree that they enjoy the change of pace and decoration of their homes. Plus, it offers a way to change things up and make your home more unique and personalized for you. 

One of the best ways to start your home renovations in Calgary is extensively planning. This means choosing the rooms that you want to renovate, deciding on how you want to renovate them, and perhaps most importantly, how much you are willing to spend on your renovation projects. This can feel overwhelming at first, but it will pay big dividends in the end as good planning can prevent projects from going over budget and straining your wallet. 

Next, once you have a firm plan in place, you should begin to figure out the costs associated with a home renovation in Calgary. For this, many determining factors are required, and they include:

Home Renovation Cost Considerations

The extent of the home renovation will play a big part in the costs, as you might expect. If you are planning to only do a kitchen renovation, you should budget between $30,000 to $60,000. This will cover the cost of cabinets, countertops, appliances, tiling, and more. However, if you are also planning to include bathroom renovations in your project, the price will suitably increase.

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Bathroom renovation costs average between $20,000 and $40,000. This will include new water fixtures, tiling, countertops, doors, and in some cases, the cost to expand the square footage of your bathroom area. 

However, these costs can be mitigated by choosing more affordable materials and the right renovation company. For instance, while real wood cabinets may look very nice, the same style and appearance can be completed using fibreboard covered in a laminate pattern. 

Similarly, water fixtures can be found for an affordable price that still looks beautiful and functions correctly. Although, it is ultimately your choice and having luxury materials can be worthwhile if you are going for a particular aesthetic. 

Choose the Right Home Renovation Company

A large part of the home renovation in Calgary price is which company you choose to perform your renovations. Make sure they have a good portfolio of completed projects and find one who is willing to work with you to make your dream become a reality. 

Your dream home will soon be a reality thanks to the experts at Calgary Home Renovations By Aspire.


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