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Renovating Your Home? When To Get A Building Permit in Calgary

Have you been planning to remodel your house? Are you a resident of Calgary? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to discuss all the essential legal information one needs to know before they start their home renovations project.

Why Do You Have To Get A Building Permit For Your Home Renovations?

If you think that you don’t need a permit because you are just building a patio or converting your already existing basement into a secondary suite, you are mistaken.

According to the City of Calgary’s laws, rules and regulations, obtaining a ‘building permit’ for any home renovations in Calgary is a prerequisite for making any kind of structural changes no matter how big or small, in an already existing building, whether residential or commercial, and also for constructing a new building or house.

All types of additions, repairs, demolitions, and relocating jobs comes under the category of structural changes and require a building permit under the Alberta Building Code and Safety Codes Act. These laws and rules are designed to ensure the safety of the residents or users of a building or house during the renovation and remodeling work.

Examples of Home Renovations That Require Building Permit

To help you better understand the kind of work that requires obtaining a building permit, we have listed some examples that most people take up at one point or the other:

⦁    Adding secondary suite(s)

⦁    Basement development

⦁    Garage construction

⦁    Building decks higher than 60 cm above grade

⦁    Ponds, swimming pools, and hot tubs

⦁    Retaining walls above the height of 1.2 meters

⦁    Building a new fence

⦁    Building a laneway house or a backyard suite

Requirements for Getting a Building Permit

The authorities in the City of Calgary need to be provided with all the relevant plans, such as building plans, site plans, floor plans and drawings. For larger projects and structural changes, the site survey is an additional prerequisite for issuing the permit.Once you submit the completed application with all the required documents and fee, your applict will be issued. You can get all this done by hiring a home renovations company in Calgary, who will do the work for you.ation will be reviewed according to all the relevant local laws and if accepted, the permi

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