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Modern Bathroom Styles for Your New Year’s Renovations

 One of the best places to start your home renovation project is your bathroom. It’s a personal space that you use to relax, soak in the tub, get ready, and look your best. What’s more, restyling your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a lot of money as simple changes can go a long way. Here are some styles and trends that you can try for 2020.

5 Modern Bathroom Styles

Try Some Moody Lighting

 Instead of the bright lighting that’s common in many bathrooms, you should consider dim lighting for your bathroom renovations in Calgary. You can install an affordable ceiling light over the center of your bathroom or near your bathtub for a nice effect. If you want to be more practical, you can install a nice lamp with a dimmer.

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Rethink Your Mirrors with bathroom renovations

 Most people opt to go with rectangular mirrors for their bathrooms. But who decided this had to be the standard? Try going with bold geometrical shapes. It adds an artistic flair to your bathroom and helps to take away the drab. Just make sure you go with wider and larger mirrors to ensure that you don’t have problems getting a full view of yourself.

Bathtub Tiles Make a Nice Touch

 Want an inexpensive way to add style and a touch of luxury to your bathroom renovations in Calgary? Try installing new tiles to the bathtub/shower wall if you have a traditional shower and tub area. Adding different colors and styles of tiles helps bring out the look of the space and adds a lot of contrast.

Create a Comfy Atmosphere 

 Rather than make your bathroom look and feel like a bathroom, you can make it feel comfy with some simple stylistic choices. For instance, adding floor textures and designs take away the cold feeling you get from bathrooms. Going with country-style cabinetry makes you feel like you’re in the kitchen. Hanging some decorative paintings makes the atmosphere feel friendly. 

Space-Saving is the Future

 Not everyone is in the position of working with a large bathroom. This is where space-saving designs come into play. Adding a cabinet over your toilet is a great way to make use of space that’s not normally used. Using a nook to install a pull-out drawer is a great way to maximize your space. Many bathroom accessories can extend your space. Just make sure you don’t make your additions too fussy or it’ll feel more cluttered rather than spacious.

Modern bathroom renovations are easy with a plan

 These are just a few 2020 style ideas that you can use for your bathroom renovations. A little go a long way when it comes to your bathrooms. Even low budget additions can dramatically change the look, feel, and function of your bathroom.

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