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How to Survive Your Complete Home Renovation Project

Renovations are exciting as you get to watch your new and improved home slowly unfold before you. However, they are also challenging, particularly as you have to live in the midst of chaos and mess. Use these tips to survive your complete home renovation.

Five Tips To Survive Your Home Renovation

1) Tackle One Home Renovation Project at a Time

Tearing up the kitchen and bathrooms at the same time leaves you without working fixtures for daily tasks. Coordinate with the Calgary home renovation contractor so that you have a place to wash your face and clean the dishes during home renovations.

2) Do as Much Prep as Possible before Complete Renovations

Get everything organized before the work begins. All the materials should be purchased and subcontractors lined up before any demo begins. Find out what you can do to prepare your home before work starts. Clearing the area of furniture and other items gives the contractor space to get to work right away.

Home Renovations

3) Create a Home within your Home during Renovations 

Expect loads of dust during a home renovation. Setting up a separate living space that’s protected from the work space by thick plastic and masking tape can help you survive the dust. You can also use fans to help reduce fumes.

4) Take a Mini Vacation during Your Home Renovation

Sometimes the best thing to do during a complete home renovation is to get away. If there’s a period where your home is really torn apart or you just need a break, consider renting a hotel room for the night.

5) Go with the Flow during Renovations

Home renovation projects usually take longer and cost more than homeowners initially expect, so give yourself a little cushion. When things come up, keep a positive attitude and be flexible.

Home renovations produce beautiful results, but getting there can be difficult. These simple tips can help you survive the process.

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