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How to Get Rebates On Your Home Renovations in Calgary

Improving your home costs money, but you can often recoup the investment by increasing your home’s value and boosting energy efficiency. Taking advantage of rebates is great way to help your renovation budget. Here’s how to get rebates on home renovations in Calgary.

Choose Home Renovations that Qualify for Rebates

The first step is to find out what rebates are available and choose projects that fit the guidelines. Energy Efficiency Alberta offers rebates on home renovations that include improving insulation, drain water heat recovery, upgraded windows, and tankless water heaters. They also offer online rebates for replacing outdated appliances with energy-efficient models; this is perfect for updating appliances during a kitchen renovation.

Work with a Participating Renovation Company

The next step is to find a renovation company in Calgary. Some rebates have lists of participating providers; if this is the case, make sure to choose a contractor that qualifies. You can also ask the renovation company if they know of additional rebates you might be able to use.

Complete Home Renovations In Calgary

Now it’s time to get started on home renovations in Calgary. This is the exciting part as your home is transformed. The contractor will usually take before and after photos of the work and complete the appropriate paperwork for your rebate. Ask them how the process works for the specific rebates you’re interested in and whether you need to do anything to apply. For other rebates, you’ll need to save your receipts and submit them with an application form.

Receive Your Rebate after a Kitchen Renovation

The time frame for receiving money varies depending on the type of rebate, but with many rebates you’ll get a cheque after six to eight weeks.

Whether you’re completing a home or kitchen renovation, there are rebates available to help you make your home more energy efficient.

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