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How to Finish a Basement Under $10,000

Finishing your basement is a great way to accentuate and improve your home renovations in Calgary. According to this renovation article, published by SmartAsset, basement remodels typically have a return of investment around 73%, which makes them an excellent choice for people looking to get more out of their home.

However, you should be aware that finishing your basement is often a substantial undertaking in terms of both time and money. With the average cost around $30,000, this is one home renovation in Calgary that you will have to plan diligently for if you want to get the best deal possible. Furthermore, to get your costs under $10,000, you will need to pull in expert help and make fiscally responsible decisions throughout the process.

Although, you should note that getting a finished basement under $10,000 is possible. For you to meet this goal, three preparations are necessary. Firstly, you will have to work closely with your renovation company of choice. Secondly, you will need to set modest expectations for the project as luxury will not be your friend here. Finally, you will need to prioritize your purchases for completion first. 

See below for more details on each of these preparations:

Necessary Preparations for $10,000 Basement Renovations

As mentioned above, the first step in completing your basement renovations below the $10,000 mark is to work closely with your renovation contractor. To get the most out of this preparation, find a company you trust to do the work, and make sure they understand your goals. Further, make sure they have experience in basement renovations and have a willingness to assist in keeping your set price possible.


Next, after you have found your chosen renovation company, you should make sure that you choose affordable options. Stay away from luxury items initially, and don’t be afraid to get multiple quotes. During this step, focus on materials for which you will have to purchase large quantities, such as drywall, insulation, paint, false flooring, and more.

Finally, the last step to hitting below $10,000 is prioritizing your purchases. For this preparatory stage, we can use an example. If you want a wet bar in your basement, but getting the wood and countertop will put you over the mark. Instead, swap those materials for cheaper options or consider putting the project on hold until the rest of your renovations are complete. This line of thinking can apply to many of your purchasing decisions, such as recreational equipment, room divisions, painting, and more!

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