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How to Complete Home Renovations on a Budget

Transforming a home often costs more than homeowners expect. Is it possible to get the results you want without spending more than planned? Learn how to complete home renovations Calgary on a budget.

Set the Budget for Home Additions Early

Determine early on how much you can afford to spend and be upfront about your budget when you talk to the design team about a complete home renovation. Establishing a budget right away with your team lets them create plans that work with your budget instead of wasting time designing something well above what you can afford.

Make Sure Your Budget for a Complete Home Renovation is Realistic

Just picking a number that works for you isn’t a right way to create a budget for home additions; you need to create a budget that’s realistic. The design team can help you figure out what’s practical for what you want to accomplish.

Set Aside a Cushion for Home Renovations Calgary

Once you’ve determined a realistic figure for home additions, set aside 20 percent for unexpected expenses. Due to the nature of construction projects, renovations often run into unforeseen situations that can increase the total cost so plan for this.

Know What You’re Paying For

Make sure you know what’s included in the estimate from a renovation company. Talk to the design team about the cost breakdown and make sure you know understand what’s covered and what else might come up.

Avoid Running Out of Money for Home Renovations

Sometimes homeowners run out of money for home renovations in Calgary. If this happens to you, you might be able to reduce the scope of the project by starting with a portion of the project or changing the design.

Use this information to help you stick with a budget during a complete home renovation.

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