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How Much Value Does an Addition Add?

There are many reasons why people wish to make home additions, including expanding the space for key rooms, increasing curb appeal and upping the overall value of their home. Determining the actual value-added, however, can be a source of confusion and misunderstanding for many people. 

Consider Your Home Additions Differently

Instead, it is better to look at what value the home additions will provide for you, the person responsible for the change. Are you looking to expand your tiny kitchen, or perhaps, you are looking to relax in a new sunroom? Do you need an extra room for a child on the way, or is it simply to have a bigger living room? 

These questions may sound straightforward, but they all refer back to a central theme. What is it you are looking for? In answering this question, you will be able to start looking at the true reason for a home addition, which is your personal desire. 

Wooden scaffolding put up drying home construction

Indeed, our advice is that you should only embark on a project of this size if it is something that you truly want. Unlike other home renovation projects that have universal appeal, like kitchen upgrades and finished basements, home additions may provide no extra value other than for the person who purchased them in the first place. 

How Home Additions Add Value

So, why do people continue to look for the monetary value behind home additions? Well, mostly it is because there are certain home additions that can serve to have widespread appeal. For example, old homes were built smaller in a general sense. Adding to them is often a thing of necessity, and the next homeowner surely appreciates bathrooms that connect to the home and kitchens with modern appliances. 

Hopefully, you have found value in this discussion about the right way to approach home additions. If you are interested in a project of this nature, contact us today for more information. Our friendly staff and skilled artisans look forward to hearing from you!

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