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Home Additions for Aging Parents

With aging parents, what they used to do when they were younger isn’t feasible anymore. In some cases, it can lead to mobility issues where it’s harder, if not impossible, to walk up the stairs in their own home. 

That’s where the possibility of finding home additions in Calgary that can help aging parents with issues like mobility.

Check out how these listed home additions can be an added benefit to your aging parent’s home!

Eliminate Any Stairs

As parents grow older, the muscles begin to deteriorate, making it harder to put the effort into climbing up and down stairs. Additionally, being weaker can leave them susceptible to accidents like falling down the stairs, which can be dangerous at best and fatal at worst. Try aiming for home additions that will help keep everything your parents need all on one floor. 

Create Wider Hallways & Doors

Small hallways and doors will hinder your aging parents if their mobility issues lead them to need a wheelchair. You want to ensure hallways and doors are wide enough that they can comfortably wheel themselves around their home and enter and exit the house. Regarding doors, another handy change would be to add pocket doors. Since pocket doors simply slide open, aging parents don’t need to worry about having space to exit a cramped area like a bathroom. However, a bigger bathroom home addition could help too! 

Opting for Open Concept Floor Plan

For aging parents, the more space they have, the better. That’s why the idea of having their home designed as an open concept floor plan is ideal. Its basis is to utilize large, open spaces while reducing small, enclosed rooms. You can easily accomplish this through home additions by merging those enclosed areas to be a part of a bigger room. In this way, everything becomes more accessible and makes it easier to communicate with others! 

A Few Bathroom Modifications

If there is a home addition you need to consider the most, it’s working on the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most hazardous spaces in your aging parent’s home. Bathrooms are prone to getting slippery and wet floors, especially coming out of a bath and water drips everywhere. It poses the risk of them seriously injuring themselves or worse. Ways to avoid such accidents are by lowering the bathtub’s height or creating a walk-in tub or shower. Naturally, add grab bars near the toilet and shower or tub. To help with grip, consider installing non-slip tile as well. 

More Accessible Kitchen Design

Like the bathroom, a kitchen home addition is another important one to consider the most. Height is a big factor in making things more accessible for your aging parents when it comes to how this home addition is approached. As parents reach for something in a cabinet, they should be able to reach it without straining to do so. In which case, ensure cabinets with pull-down shelves are added along with the countertop, and outlet heights are at a level that works for them best. 

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