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Easy Home Renovation Ideas

Aspire Renovation professionals have given out their secret home renovation ideas which you can use to give your home a new look. From giving your walls a new paint job, to renewing old floors, we’ve got what you need.


  1. Paint Your Walls
    One of the most common ways to renovate your home is to change the color of the walls. Painting the walls will rearrange the appeal of your home.
  2. Add Moldings
    Crown molding adds value and charm to a home. One advantage of adding molding is that it will get done quickly, leaving more time for other remodeling processes.
  3. Install Stair-Runner
    Installing a low cost stair runner will not only make your staircase look pretty but it will also give a good grip to your slippery stairs. This could be a good non-slippery upgrade for your home.
  4. Renew Old Flooring
    Refinishing the flooring might be expensive. You could update the space by painting the floor in a light checked pattern instead.
  5. Add Interior Shutters
    You can avoid the sunlight streaming through the windows by adding interior shutters. This will also increase privacy in rooms. Or you can opt for shades, but swinging shutters look more beautiful.
  6. Refresh The Kitchen Cabinets
    You do not have to replace the old kitchen cabinets to give your home’s kitchen a fresh look. You could just clean them up and add some brighter color.
  7. Get More Flowers
    Adding some flowers will help fill up empty spaces and give your Calgary home a pleasant feel. You can choose to have any flowers of your choice but artificial ones that complement the color of your walls would look the best.
  8. Upgrade The Front Door
    This is one of the most important Calgary home renovation to consider. Most of the Calgary home renovations start with revamping the front door. You can turn your wooden door into a stylish one by changing its handles and locks, or by painting it.
  9. Paint The Bedroom Closet
    Instead of having the usual white backdrop and chrome rods, you can give your closet a more luxurious look by painting it in a dusky color and hanging clothes on brass rods.
  10. Hang a Wind Chime
    You can add a wind chime inside your home in a place where it can catch the breeze. This will fill up the empty ceiling area and give out a melodious sound when you open your windows.

These are some of the many easy Calgary home renovation ideas that professional Calgary home builders can help with.

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