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Young woman with hearing aid painting walls

Does Painting the Interior of a House Add Value?

To paint or not to paint; that is the question that many considering home renovations in Calgary ask themselves. After all, it is a source of some mystery. Does painting actually add value to your home? When should you paint your interior for best results? What colour should you use? 

These questions about Calgary home renovations are valid. So much so, as a matter of fact, that we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the answers to these burning questions. Still, while painting is part of the equation, some other remodelling may be in your best interest as well. 

Now, without further interruption, let us get to the bottom of the pail where it concerns paint.

Your Paint Questions, Answered

Does Interior Painting Add Value?

Yes, painting the interior of your home adds value. Not only does it cover up any unsightly blemishes from living in the space, but it also opens your eyes to existing damage. So you get the dual benefit of a new look and a close inspection. 

Young woman with hearing aid painting walls

When is the Best Time to Paint?

The best time to paint your home is when it’s empty. This can make it hard to showcase during the sale of your home, but it is easy to include as a part of the move-in/move-out process. You may also consider painting one room at a time while still living there, which can also be effective. 

What Colours Should Be Used?

While it may not be the most creative or exciting answer, neutral colours still remain at the top of the list for interior colours. Many people have started to incorporate an accent wall in bedrooms and communal living areas, but it is best to speak with your real estate professional before doing this, as they can appraise you of the market. 

Boost Your Value with Home Renovations

If you want to make the most out of your home renovations in Calgary, painting is only part of the process. Updating the look of your kitchen, bedrooms, basement or exterior can also do a great job of making your house more appealing to potential buyers. 

Your dream home will soon be a reality thanks to the experts at Calgary Home Renovations By Aspire.


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