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How To Cost Effectively Renovate A House

You can get a great home renovation done even on a tight budget. With some strategic planning in terms of materials, design, and timing, you will be able to cut down costs without cutting corners. Here are some inexpensive renovation tips that you can use to get the best home remodelling results:

Cost Effective Home Renovation #1: Change the Front Door

Often, the first impression is the last impression. Therefore, the front door of your house has to be appealing. Adding a coat of paint on the door can do the job, but if your front door is in terrible condition, you should consider replacing it.

Cost Effective Home Renovation #2: Hang Panel Curtains

It is easier to make unlined curtain panels than making traditional curtains. Also, there are no creases in these types of curtains, and so the amount of fabric required will be less. This way you can pick classier and more luxurious options.

Cost Effective Home Renovation #3: Add Shutters

Hanging chic shutters will change the look of any room. They are a neat way of filtering light and getting some privacy. You can match them with light voile drapes or add shutters on other windows as well.

Cost Effective Home Renovation #4: Install Bookshelves

You can install shelves which will give you more storage space along with adding decorative pieces and books on display. Talk to a home renovation company about building the shelves into the wall.

Cost Effective Home Renovation #5: Add a Skylight

Skylights are one of the most inexpensive home renovations in terms of lighting up an area. Not only do they add light in an otherwise dark room, but can let fresh air in as well. It will also give an architectural feel to the space.

Cost Effective Home Renovation #6: Spend Money on Smart Appliances

To give your home a modern look, you should consider having smart appliances. If you’re focusing on a kitchen renovation, upgrading the fridge and oven to smart home appliances can raise the value of your home and improve the convenience and efficiency of your kitchen.

Cost Effective Home Renovation #7: Introduce Wall Panelling

Wall panelling will hide the peeled off paint from the walls and add interest to the featureless room. If you choose the correct dimensions, with wall panelling you will be able to re-balance the proportions of an unusually shaped area.

These are some cost-effective renovation tips that you can use to make your home look updated and renovated. To get some more home renovation ideas, get in touch with the home renovation professionals at Aspire Renovations. They will help you change the look of your home on a limited budget. Give us a call at (403) 796-4044 or visit for more information.

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