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Common Calgary Building Permits

When beginning your home renovations in Calgary, one of the more often overlooked steps is getting building permits. Building permits are given out by the municipal government for changes made to existing structures, and this is necessary because of the nature of engineering projects. 

Every home has to be signed off by a qualified engineer to ensure they meet the building codes for structural, electrical, and plumbing activities. When you are going to make changes to their plans, it is important that an engineer ensures the changes will maintain those building codes, and that the addition you are adding will be sufficiently safe and proper. 

This is what occurs when you get a building permit. You, or your home renovation company, submits the plans for the change and an engineer, or someone deemed competent, from the municipality reviews the plans and accepts them, or requests revisions to make them acceptable. 

Common Types of Home Renovation Building Permits

Common building permits that are required for home renovations in Calgary include the addition of electrical outlets and structural additions or changes. This means that if you are knocking out a wall or trying to rewire your garage, you will likely need to get a building permit. 

Permits are also required if you are making additions to the exterior of your building. This can include things like decks or deck extensions, detached garages, or even some custom-made shed structures. In regards to sheds, at least, you can usually avoid a permit process by buying a pre-built or ready-to-be-made shed, but they are often not exactly what people are looking for in their renovation project.

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Other instances of required building permits are when you are making a new room in your house, such as a basement bathroom. They are necessary to make sure proper ventilation and dimension restrictions are followed and kept regular amongst all buildings in the municipality.

How to Get a Building Permit

Many steps must be taken to get your project approved and its permits signed off by the Calgary municipality. However, much of this process can be mitigated by going to a licensed and professional general contractor in Calgary.

These businesses and individuals are well-versed in the proper steps to take and can pull from their years of experience, examples and plans that will make the process go much smoother. While you are welcome to go through the permitting process yourself, it may take much longer as revisions and changes are sent back and forth between you and the municipality. 

This is just one of the many reasons why people trust general contractors in Calgary to ensure their renovations are done quickly, efficiently, and hopefully, beautifully as well. 

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