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Can I Do Basement Development Without a Permit in Calgary?

Finding any laneway homes in Calgary can still be rare to find. As a result, some folks have opted to create their own by developing their basement into one. However, it’s important to understand what you need before hitting the ground running with your project regarding home renovations of this nature.

It begs the question: do you need a permit to develop your basement? Read on down below to find out!

The Purpose Behind a Permit

In short: yes, you will need a permit for basement development. The reason being is that your basement project needs to meet the city’s standards for safety and regulations. Failure to do so by finishing a basement without a permit can result in expensive penalty fees that are double what permit fees would cost originally.

Permits for basement development in Calgary might vary depending on your project’s needs. These include basement electrical, building, or plumbing permit. 

The Process of Obtaining a Permit

Now that you know you need a permit, how do you get it? Thankfully, the City of Calgary does provide the necessary documents you need to fill out for basement development and a checklist of requirements, depending on the unique needs for your basement development. 

You will need a building permit if relocating, altering, or repairing is involved in your basement development, which would only need building safety approval. In cases where your design or location does not meet land use bylaw specifications, you will also need to apply and fill out the paperwork for a development permit to get planning approval. For example, if you intend to create a secondary suite, you must obtain both a building and development permit. 

Once you have compiled and filled out the right paperwork, you can submit your application online or in person. Expect to hear back about the status of your permit application within 30 days, but for a larger project, you may be waiting 90 days for it to get fully processed. So best to plan ahead and prepare if you’re developing your basement! 

The Cost of a Permit

Permits aren’t free, unfortunately. However, knowing what these permits can cost can help you budget how to obtain them. When getting a building permit, the cost varies depending on whether your project involves either a new basement or renovation of an existing basement. In a new basement, you can expect to pay ​$333.84, while renovations on a current basement total ​$205.92​. If you need a development permit, you can expect to pay $550, including the completion inspection price. 

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