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Calgary Home Renovations: The Top 10 Biggest Mistakes

Updating your home is an exciting time, but there are many pitfalls along the way. If you’re getting ready for a big project, avoid these 10 common mistakes during Calgary home renovations .

Failing to Research Home Renovations

Do your research so you understand the project whether you plan to hire someone or perform the work yourself.

Choosing Cheap Renovations

If you can’t afford quality materials and services, then postpone the work until you can. Cheap materials and work really show in home renovations.

Setting Your Renovation Budget Too Small

Homeowners often underestimate the cost of a home renovation and don’t set aside extra funds for unexpected problems.

Overbuilding during Home Renovations Calgary

Too many upgrades can make your home the most expensive one on the block, which makes it difficult to recover the costs if you decide to sell.

Improper Renovation Priorities

Some renovation projects are more exciting and fun than others, but prioritize projects that need to be done first, like fixing leaking windows.

Investing in Projects that Don’t Increase Home Value

Calgary home renovations are about making your home the way you want it, but don’t forget to consider whether the renovations will increase resale value or not.

Choosing Trendy Renovations

You want to update your home with a fresh look, but choosing something too trendy will quickly make it look outdated.

Not Making a Living Plan

Remember that you need to live somewhere during home renovations. Make a plan beforehand to avoid frustration during the project.

Doing All the Work

Few homeowners have the skills to perform all the renovations; know your limits and hire a renovation company to perform work outside of your expertise.

Failing to Hire Qualified a Renovation Company

Check references and make sure the renovation company you hire is qualified, trained, and certified to perform the work.

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