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Best Time of Year to Do Home Renovations in 2021

Although it might feel like the best time to do home renovations in Calgary is right now because of your unbridled passion for the project, it may not be the truth. Certainly, our professional builders and knowledgeable experts would love to get started at any time, but there are certain considerations that should be taken into account. 

For example, if you are planning a home addition on the ground floor of your home, having thawed and soft ground makes the process simpler and faster. Below we look at each of the four seasons and weigh the pros and cons of home renovations in Calgary for each.

The Best Season for Calgary Home Renovations


One of the best times of the year for home renovations is springtime. Not only do you get to dodge the spring cleaning routine, but you also start your year off with a significant amount of change. Although, the conditions can be a bit mucky for outdoor work, so it will really depend on how early or late in the season the process begins.


Summer is our number one season for renovations. The conditions are always right, there is lots of work to be done, and the burdensome clothing layers finally come off for better productivity. Plus, as Canadians, we generally enjoy our homes the most when the sun caresses and shines on them, meaning that we can view them in the best light possible and make our decisions in the right headspace.

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If you are a bit behind the ball, autumn can still be a good time for home renovations in Calgary. In the same way as spring, your success will depend on how late in the season you begin. However, it will be the opposite timetable to the earlier season. Waiting in the spring brings warmer temperatures and drier grounds, whereas it has the exact opposite effect in the fall.


Winter may not be the best time to do home renovations, but it can be the best time to plan them. When we are bundled up in our homes looking towards a brighter year, we can take the opportunity to plan and prepare ourselves for the sun’s next visit. 

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