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Best Bathroom Renovations Ideas

Ah, the old water closet. A small room, to be sure, but one with amazing potential and fantastic value in our homes. When it comes to bathroom renovations in Calgary, it is about more than updating the style and function of this important room. Renovations are a way to make the space inviting, comfortable and functional in new and exciting ways.

Below we go through some of our favourite Calgary bathroom renovation ideas for your enjoyment and to provide inspiration for your next project.

Calgary Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Try

New Countertops

New countertops can help your bathroom space feel new, fresh and even luxurious. Usually, it is best to combine new countertops with a new sink so that you can achieve a look that fits both pieces. 

New Water Fixtures

New water fixtures are also a great way to reinvigorate your small spaces. Surprisingly, toilet technology continues to evolve and change with every passing year, so consider adding a bidet or just a more unique style. Plus, showers, tubs and their dedicated spaces are a great target for renovations. Get rid of your tired tile and throw in something bold, functional and refreshing.

Tiler installing tiles on the bathroom floor


Painting your space is one of the best ways to refresh a space on a budget. A new coat of paint is not overly expensive, but the change it brings is often quite dramatic. 

Additional Cabinetry

Do you ever struggle with the limited storage in your bathrooms? With the number of rolls per package and the diverse set of cleaning supplies, there is hardly any room for your grooming supplies and medical equipment. However, renovations can single-handedly do away with this problem by adding wall cabinets and expanding under-sink areas.

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