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Basement Development Costs

The cost of basement developments in Calgary will always depend on varying factors. If you are planning to do a complete secondary suite conversion, you will always have to pay more than just putting in a simple dry bar. Still, this does not mean that you cannot understand those factors and plan for them long in advance of the project beginning. 

The Basement Development Cost Factors

The Company

The company performing your basement development in Calgary will play a role in determining your costs. Sometimes, they may require a certain amount based on the demands of the project. Similarly, larger companies may charge more for a faster, more labour-intensive job, but smaller companies may offer more pricing flexibility and longer times to complete the project.

The Scope

As we briefly discussed above, the scope of your Calgary basement development project will be a large determinant of the cost. When thinking about the scope of your project, narrow down your vision by asking questions like: 

  • Can I afford to do this later?
  • What can I do myself?
  • When do I want this project done?
  • What do I need the professionals for?
  • What can I do without?

Keeping these questions in mind can help you reduce costs and clarify the plan as a whole. Just remember that your renovation contractor is there to help, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and lean on them for support when necessary.

Billiards Room With Custom Lighting

The Materials

The cost of materials will also change the price significantly. While you can go for the most glamorous faucets and trim, it is also important to prioritize your spending to not go over budget. 

Consider trying to pick a focal piece for each room before adding in more luxurious spending. 

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