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Are Home Renovations Tax Deductible in Canada?

Understanding the home renovations in Calgary that are available for the rest of the country is easy. First, we separate out the federal and provincial programs, and then examine each of them for applicability. Want to learn more? continue reading down below!

Home Renovation in Calgary & Applicable Tax Programs

Federal Rebates

GST/HST New Housing Rebate

This federally-run program allows people purchasing new housing to receive a tax rebate. This includes not only new builds but also residences with extensive home renovations in Calgary or elsewhere in Canada. You can learn more about how to qualify here

Home Accessibility Expenses

There is another federal tax incentive program for home accessibility expenses. This is in place for anyone who has made significant home renovations in Calgary or elsewhere in Canada for a qualified individual, usually someone with mobility issues. Find all the details here.

Contemporary Bathroom Adaptation (draft)

Provincial Rebates


Alberta does not have any tax offers for home renovations in Calgary or the rest of the province at this time. 

Other Provinces

Several provinces in Canada do offer differing rebates for homeowners. Some of these are also for accessibility within a home, while others apply to seniors exclusively. For a full list of which offers are available and where they are, look here

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