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All You Want To Know About Adding Secondary Suites to Your Home in Calgary

Like in many cities, secondary suites are rapidly becoming popular in Calgary. Home renovation companies are finding that people are requesting home renovations that involve secondary suites. Why the demand? They not only help people by offering affordable housing opportunities, but they also provide financial aid to the homeowners.

What are Secondary Suites?

According to the city of Calgary’s official website, a secondary suite, also known as an in-law suite and basement suite, is “a self contained dwelling unit within the main residence that has separate living, sleeping, cooking, and bathroom facilities”.

Although some people consider backyard suites (or laneway home) as a form of secondary suites, the city’s official website has clearly mentioned the difference between the two types.

How To Include Your Home Renovations With A Secondary Suite

Before you take on any basement renovations that mean converting your space into a secondary suite, carefully consider the local laws to make sure you do not end up doing something illegal.

According to the City of Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw, only certain land districts allow the development of secondary suites. Depending on the nature of work, you may need to obtain one or all of the following permits:

⦁    Building permit (this is mandatory)

⦁    Development permit (if applicable)

⦁    Trade permit (if applicable)

Although it is important that you obtain all the required permits beforehand, if you have already started the secondary suite project without them or have an illegal secondary suite on your property, you should contact the Planning Services Centre or call 311 at your earliest convenience to determine the process of permit acquisition or legalizing an already established secondary suite.

Need Help? Home Renovators Can Do The Job For You

Before converting your basement into a secondary suite, you need to carefully consider all the relevant rules, regulations, principles, codes and bylaws implemented in the city of Calgary. Sounds too much work? Leave it to the professional home renovations professionals in Calgary.

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