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7 Fabulous Ideas for a Garage Additions and Remodelling

There are 2 kinds of people in this world. Firstly, there are those who look at their garage and see a garbage can. Then there are others who look at their garage and see a beautiful room with the potential to be a fantastic home addition.

A garage doesn’t always have to be boring and dull. There are many creative ways to remodel a garage. With the help of a Calgary home renovation company, a garage can serve more of a purpose than just being a place to park your car.

1. Renovate Your Garage Into a Reading Corner

Only devoted readers will be able to understand the appeal of a cozy little reading room. Adopting an urban style for your garage while leaving the façade undone will give it a new look while retaining its old persona. With proper flooring/carpeting, shelves and lighting, you canturn your garage into a beloved reading corner. In addition, installing glass doors will give you a beautiful view of the street and the open sky. What more could you want?

2. Your Garage Addition Could Include a Gym

When it’s time to get into shape, your garage can also serve as a gym. Instead of getting an expensive gym membership, a simple garage addition could transform the space into a gym. A garage is spacious enough to hold all the equipment and secluded from the house to offer some privacy. With proper flooring, a nice paint job and lighting fixtures, your home gym could be the perfect place to get in shape. Make sure to install a heater and protective mats.

3. Turn Your Garage into a Home Theater

Is there a person who hasn’t dreamed of their personal home theatre? Talk to a home renovation company about turning your garage into a home theatre. The large screen can be hidden behind sliding doors along the wall. If you feel like getting that outdoor cinema vibe, then open your garage doors or install a skylight and enjoy a unique experience. During Calgary’s brutal winters, a heating system and carpeted floors will keep it warm and cozy.

4. Game Room Home Addition

Garages provide the perfect opportunity to place large gaming equipment like a roulette table, a foosball table or even blackjack table. If you want to make it even more sophisticated, install a wet bar too. You can have the perfect night out without leaving your home.

6. Garage Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb and a passion for gardening, talk to a home renovation company about transforming your garage into a greenhouse. Keep in mind that this home addition would require a detailed renovation to get the desired outcome.

7. Add a Bedroom with Your Garage Remodel

If you’re running out of bedrooms in your home, or you want an extra space for guests to stay, moving isn’t the only answer. A garage can be turned into one of the best, maybe even the coolest bedrooms in the house. A garage addition that includes an extra bedroom will also increase the resale value of your home.

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