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6 Wonderful Ideas for Finishing a Basement Ceiling

A basement can serve so many purposes but none of it is possible without a properly finished ceiling. Whether it is a game room, a bedroom or a living area; making sure you give your basement renovation a wonderful look with your detailed basement ceiling will make you feel ecstatic.

A ceiling doesn’t always have to be the same. While we might not have had a choice for other rooms in the house, we do get a say when designing your basement ceiling. Have a look at the following appealing ideas and choose one that suits your style.

1. Paint It Off

In general, a basement ceiling is a combination of hanging beams, pipes, ducts and wires, all of which look ugly. However, there is a way to turn these beams and pipes into something interesting. If you don’t wish to cover the original ceiling, then choose a dark colour and paint every nook and corner. Make sure to select a matte paint. Once done, take a look at your renovated basement, and you’ll see the beauty in it.

2. Drop Ceilings:

When you are aiming to give your basements a more formal look, then exposed ceiling won’t work in your favour. What you need to do is to drop the ceiling in height and cover all the beams and wires. A professional contractor will quickly take care of this custom renovation in a way that no one else would.

3. Get Creative with the Duct Work

Ducts are not exactly easy on the eyes and removing them will result in a lot of time and money. There are actually ways to turn these ductworks into something creative. A unique framing or creating a coordinated design from the ceiling to the floor could also do well in giving it a great finish.

4. Track Lights

Instead of hiding or adding too much into the basement ceiling, just adding a fixture can help your cause. Installing track lights in the basement will not only look great but will also add a touch of modernism.

5. Wood Ceilings

If a basement is decorated with wooden furniture, then adding wooden beams to the ceiling is an excellent idea. With the help of customized furniture, the room can be taken from rustic to modern.

6. Sculptural Tiles

One way to finish the basement ceiling is by creating grid patterns with the help of structural tiles. In this way, the space above the second ceiling will remain accessible without showing.

Pick up an idea from the list above for your basement ceiling. We guarantee that you’ll be able to achieve the look that you’ve been willing for.

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