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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Bathroom Renovation Is Not a Failure

A renovation plan is enough to put anyone into a designer frenzy! All the planning, preferences, ideas, and trends can be quite overwhelming. While there is nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about your ideas, danger lurks when all this excitement could lead to wrong decisions. The part of the house that is targeted most for remodeling and renovation is the bathroom. When we fail to consider an expert’s opinion, it often brings about bad results. You will want to make sure to stay far away from the following mistakes:

1. Compact Bathroom:

No bathroom could be worse than a windowless and shutter less bathroom. People put so much attention and detail to the interior decoration of their bathroom that they forget to pay attention to the outside. A bathroom must have a large window or a skylight to make it more comfortable and cozy.  A dark cramped-up bathroom is hardly appealing. If your bathroom does not already have a source of natural light, then get one with the help of your contractor.

2. Acting before planning:

Another very common mistake that people end up making is getting their bathroom demolished before they even have something planned. The first step towards renovation is not the destroying something; rather, think of something creative. Make a checklist, call a contractor, sit down and plan before bringing in the wrecking ball.

3. Overlooking the Heating and Cooling System:

In places like Calgary, where it gets hot in July and really cold in January, it is important not to forget about the installation of cooling and heating systems in the bathroom. Most people completely forego this important factor during the bathroom renovation and end up sweating or shivering throughout the year.

4. Poor Drainage:

A mistake like a poor drainage system happens because of a bad choice in contractors. A proper and professional installation of the drainage system is essential while doing a bathroom renovation. The floor of the bathroom must be made in a way that it slopes slightly towards the drainage so that water never gets a chance to collect. A bad drainage system might also increase the chances of someone slipping and falling which could lead to injuries.

5. More concerned about space:

When it comes to bathrooms, size doesn’t matter. The functionality, design and the overall appearance of the bathroom is what matters. While renovating, most people opt for a bigger and larger space, which is a mistake. Unless you have lots of extra space in the house, there is no need to go for bigger bathroom.

6. Forgetting about storage:

If we are remodeling our bathroom, then why not remodel it in such a way that it has more storage space? It is essential that every bathroom has storage space. A well-designed bathroom could contain vanity drawers, mirrored shaving cabinets, wall shelves or any sort of tailored space to make more room for supplies. 

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