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5 Home Renovation Ideas to Increase The Value of Your House

There are many projects you could do around your home; some of these renovations add value to the house while others don’t. Whether you are thinking about selling or want to enjoy the benefits yourself, choosing renovations that increase the value of your home makes sense. Here are five home renovations that improve home value.

1. Remodel the Kitchen with a Renovations Company

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home and updating this key room goes a long way. Calgary home renovations in your kitchen are a great investment and can make the space more usable and attractive for you and potential buyers.

2. Add a Bathroom with a Calgary Home Renovation

Homes with one bathroom benefit from the addition of a second. Working with a renovation company to add another bathroom to your home is a great way to get a lot of value out of the money you spend. A bathroom addition

3. Reinvent a Room During Home Renovation

Adding square footage may not be a practical option, but making the most of the space you have is a great idea. Transform a basement, attic, or other underused area into versatile, usable space with a renovation company. Add a bedroom, a movie room, or a home gym! The possibilities are endless.

4. Boost Energy-Efficiency with Home Renovations

Making your home more energy-efficient is a great way to save money on utility bills and is an attractive feature for potential buyers. Use home renovations to add energy-efficient windows and insulation, seal cracks around your home, and perform other tasks that increase the energy-efficiency of your home.

5. Use Renovations for Basic Updates

Although not as glamorous as some other options, basic updates are a great investment in your home. Simple things like fixing the roof, getting rid of mould, replacing old plumbing, and repainting can make a big difference.

Make the most of Calgary home renovations by choosing projects that add value to your home.

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