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3 Trends to Try For Your Basement Renovations

Is your basement dark, unfinished, and largely unused? If so, consider a basement renovation to transform the area into a comfortable, functional living space. These three trends for Calgary basement renovations can help you get started creating your ideal space.

Add Colour with Calgary Basement Renovations

Colour is a great way to transform any space during home renovations and the basement is no exception. This often boring space quickly becomes fun and inviting with fresh colour on the walls. You can also add colour with décor and flooring.

Try Built-In Storage during Home Renovations

Having extra storage is always a benefit, particularly for a family. The basement is a perfect place to add built-in storage during home renovations. Most basements are full of awkward space with nooks and crannies created by plumbing, electrical, and stairs, but a renovation company can help you use the awkward spaces to your advantage with built-in storage. This improves the look of your basement and gives you a place to put extra stuff so your home and basement stay tidy.

Experiment with Lighting with a Renovation Company

Since basements are usually submerged, they tend to be dark spaces. Throwing up a few light fixtures often creates an unpleasant environment. But a home renovation company can help you experiment with different lighting options to create a well-lit space that’s truly inviting. Different types of lighting help create the mood of the room, from warm and cozy to bright and cheerful. Lighting is a great way to create a unique space that’s just right for your family.

Spark your creativity with these three Calgary basement renovations trends. Then get ready to turn your boring basement into a spare bedroom, home office, functional kitchen, home theatre, game room, laundry room, or more. Transform your basement into a functional space that meets the needs of your family with a basement renovation.

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