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11 Amazing Small Kitchen Renovations Ideas

Small kitchens are not the burden that most homeowners think they are. Instead, they are more a passion project, where little changes make big differences, and customization has to be carefully considered. So, rather than lament your poor fortune for not having a wide and spacious kitchen, consider these small kitchen renovation ideas!

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Impress

1. Downsize

Just get rid of it! That’s right; we are starting off the list strong. The hardest part about small kitchens is navigating tight spaces, so any way that you can reduce your needs is the right way to make your space more comfortable and accessible.

2. Accessorize with Plants

Plants open up space, both in terms of rich oxygen and also creative exploration. Depending on the nature of your kitchen, you might have to position your new green friends strategically. After all, cooking smoke and grease can be quite harmful to their overall health.

3. Remove your Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, in large spaces, look great and are effective storage solutions. But, like our number one tip says, just get rid of it! Use your kitchen renovations to replace cabinets with shelving, hanging storage, or whatever else will allow you to envision a new and open space creatively.

4. Get Rid of Appliances

Of course, we aren’t advocating for living a “fridgeless lifestyle” or anything. However, small appliances have no place in small kitchens. Consider switching to manual alternatives for common appliances, like rolling pins instead of bread makers and pots instead of rice cookers. 

5. Movable Bar or Island

If you struggle to find counter space that stays open, consider a movable bar or island. These surfaces make the ideal solution for cooking activities, and then they convert into lovely storage or eating area as well. 

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6. Invest in Dynamic Storage

Dynamic storage includes items hanging off the back of doors, bins for similar objects, and other unconventional solutions to increase your small kitchen’s storage capacity.

7. Get Creative with Wall Decor

We often look at our walls and think about how we can paint them to make the space feel larger or fresher. However, with small kitchens, the surface area is so limited that the sky is really the limit for potential options. Wallpapers, hand-drawn patterns and murals are all potentially exciting ways to reinvigorate the space.

8. Old Flooring? Boring!

For older homes, especially, it is not hard to say that flooring was not always a strong suit for kitchen design. Tear that old, tired flooring up and replace it with something modern and bright to make your kitchen feel new again.

9. Change Lighting

The lighting fixtures, colour and tone really change the way you feel about your kitchen. You can make them better by switching out the light fixtures for new options. Consider LEDs for cheaper, longer-lasting alternatives.

10. Replace Accent Pieces

The accent pieces are the ideal target for kitchen renovations. Handles, drawers and more can change to accommodate a new look and make your space feel welcoming or inviting. 

11. Change Countertops

Although this might be the most expensive option on our list, it is also the most impactful. Replacing laminate with real stone or even butcher’s block can help your space feel new again. Plus, you can even increase your workable space to make it really pop with the right strategy.

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